Long-term design at Boodaville

People often ask me about the permaculture design at Boodaville. It is a massive task putting together this whole complex design in a way that people can see it clearly and I am simultaneously trying to run the site as an education centre (which is part of the plan!). So I have compiled here, in English with about half the documents translated into Spanish all the information that has been written so far, and the rest of it is still in my brain… but it is there I promise!! I just need to grasp the concept of getting it out of my brain and written down and then make it a reality. I’ve been moving directly from brain to reality with a few diagrams along the way!!

Here’s to a design that can be seen more clearly by all! And then used to make the site the efficient permaculture designed dream!!

So here you have :

Summary of the future vision

Future vision working document from which overall design can be mapped

Data collected to make calculations for water etc.

Annual Reports, with yearly targets







April at Boodaville..

31288513_10156028237193153_3991843596763398144_oThank you so much to our volunteers this month!!! Maja, Simon, Roy, Claudia, Judith y Gala have done some great work preparing for the living permaculture course, dealing with loads of rain :), planting gardens, digging a new toilet hole, preparing the dome for this season, and looking after the site of our small Boodaville community. We said goodbye to Claudia, Judith and Simon this week but Maja and Roy are living there all season, so if you are coming to the Festival, or to our next course in June they will be there to welcome you!


Gala at the river! Look how much water there is!!! That is the same swim spot we always go to, compare with last July :


I was between Barcelona and Boodaville in April, here’s a spot of Urban Gardening we did with some families from the neighbourhood on Montjuic!! 🙂

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Wicking bed!!


We finished the wicking bed during our Living Permaculture course, here are the designs and photos of the process!!

Read more about wicking beds here : https://deepgreenpermaculture.com/diy-instructions/wicking-bed-construction/

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Day 1 and 2 of our Living Permaculture Course…

Hemos empezado el curso y después de un día de teoría vamos adelantando el trabajo practico de crear dos “wicking beds” (huertos especial para usar muy poca agua) y para plantar calabacin y calabazas en los de zaïs y finalmente vamos a poder plantar algo de verduar en frente de la cocina! (ver las entradas previas para mas info!!

We’ve started the living permculture course and after one day of theory we are moving forward with the practical tasks of creating wicking beds and planting on top of the za¨s. We’ll also e planting food in front of the kitchen!! (see previous blog posts for more info)

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