Boodaville Festival 2017 – Fotos and comments!!


Still glowing a bit with gratitude for a very very nice weekend. Thank you all for sharing energy, workshops, laughs, bigger and smaller conversations, dancing, small moments, a smile, a hug, and everything else.. And of course Anna Boodaville for hosting and sharing this amazing place with us.

Dust has now settled on one of the best Boodavilles ever. Terrific weekend and an absolute pleasure serving drinks to such a lovely and thirsty bunch of people.

Todavía no he aterrizado… me siento super afortunada de haber vivido esta increible experiencia con tod@s vosotr@s… beautiful people 🌼🌈.

🌴Thanks to all of u for this very special weekend full of good vibes and good people..hard to come back to reality today..

Wow, it was really wonderful to meet all you beautiful people! Me and Hero (my van) had a blast!

Moltes gracies tothom!!!! Thank you guys so much for this beautiful weekend…(I only have two pictures) all other memories are in my heart!! Please stay in touch

All I can say is T h a n k y o u all. I’m feeling superhuman after the beautiful Boodaville nature and all your incredible energy. Until we meet again!! 🦋