Boodaville this year..


Hello to you all and a happy holiday season. This is Boodaville – the long read! 2016 has been massive for us, with hundreds of volunteers and visitors passing though and some big infrastructure additions including our geodesic dome. Here’s a summary of all that’s been going on.

One reason we could leap so far forward this year – running more courses than ever, building two big new structures and hosting volunteers continually from April to October is that we found a long-term volunteer who wanted to live on site for six months straight. He was given use of the car and a mobile phone, many instructions by me, and was there to keep things running. For the first year ever we didn’t have to unpack then pack up everything for each short visit. I thank OJ (Ondrej) very much for the time he has offered the project this year, it has been a positive experience for both of us with a ton of learning on all sides. I expect him back in April 2017 and we are looking for one or two more long-term volunteers to stay on site all season.

In 2016 we completed the registration process to become an association and can now

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