“Build Your Future” – Youth Exchange

We built a dome!! An amazing 9 day Erasmus+ program, working with a fantastic team and a wonderful group of young, and not so young participants. Thank you so much to Jordi Cavaller Badia, Chuchi, Carlos, Bernat, OJ, Alberto and Kate for making this happen and to all the participants for their energy, positivity, ability to adapt to basic living and very hot conditions (41º on 2 days, but don’t get me started talking about climate change) and their openness and great collaboration.

Guest writer – Claudia, one of our participants from Portugal has written about her experience:

Hey this is Cláudia (pt) from Boodaville Summer 2016. We are in our last day before departure, trying to make everything beautiful for our final presentation with some guests here in our place.

This last days since the free day are being quite intense with everything to prepare and trying to figure out our own spaces between each other in a group.

First I would like to share with you a little bit of what was our free day. It had a lot of different experiences. Some of us went walking until Caseres, a village that is close to here. People could talk and share more with different people. We are a big group, and we are getting along well with each other but sometimes we feel that we still have a lot to meet and get to know from everyone.

I went to another village San Juan de la Horta with a group of seven, in the way we had the opportunity to get to know a very special place with a very old olive tree with 1500 years. It was a very special moment where we could realise how much that being had already experienced in this life, watching maybe more that 20 generations passing by. Than we had a break to grab the traditional Spanish beer at 11 a.m and talk a little bit all together eating patatas bravas. After it we went to meet another element of our team, Jordi, our “teacher of the Domes”. I’m assuming you already know we are making our own Dome here in Boodaville, and I will talk about it in a moment. So, we went to meet Jordi, in another place more or less like our, where in had already constructed a very big and complete one. He showed us different technics of making the insides with clay and windows, it was beautiful and we gained another view about what this constructions can be and how they can be made.

About our Dome, it is a very interesting process of construction. Because it is very delicate, made peace by peace one at a time, so it needs a lot of concentration of small groups in different moments. It is almost like making a puzzle. And, in some moments, we need to join everyone together so we can stand it a little bit or move it do the “new right place” where we’ll be able to continue the work. It is very beautiful to see how it grows and how it will feet us in the final moment. It will be an important structure for the future of Boodaville, it will be our dinning area and also a new place with shadows to join everyone together to share, learn and connect.

Returning to our free day, we had our luch in a public pool with a very nice lady that almost created a party for us to dance all together, and then we went to the mountains “Cabeza de Perro” to go to the river that was almost dryed. The power of the mounts, the silence and the views were very powerful. I think it was a very magical experience for the group. For me, it was quite difficult because I’m always afraid to fall and it happened, ahahah. In this Bodaville experience we meet with our own challenges and that is never easy but we learn how to deal with our own limits and we actually overcome some of them.

Another thing I would really like to share with you is the way we are communicating between us. We are a group of people from different nationalities and backgrounds. We have English, Spanish, Italians, French, Czech, Portuguese, Bulgarians and Dutch. This is quit a lot of a mixture and we are sharing so much that we started to create our own Boodaville dialect. I really do believe that if we stayed here more would create a new world language. When we want to explain something to other and we can not find the right word in the shared idiom we say it in our own and sometimes other nationality find in their own vocabulary and we can all figure out the meaning together. Myself, I thing I started to mix English with Castellano with Italian accent. Sometimes I laugh a lot about it. Yesterday I could say “goodnight” to everyone in every language and, really, they are not that different.

So the final day is happening and I have to get back to my team to help them with the decorations. Maybe I’ll talk to you again in another moment in the future when I all meet again, here, in Boodaville.




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