Photos from Boodaville Festival 2016


 Woohoo!! hemos sobrevivido, with hail and everything!! Thanks so much to everyone who made this amazing weekend happen, so much love to everyone… take a look at photos on the facebook group. Hay fotos en el grupo de facbook !

“It rained. But some people had sex”

Other comments and testimonials are welcome…


carpa koi

nuevo video clip de Pantaleó – very excited to have these guys in concert at the festival!see the video here!

Alessandro Ardovini – a permaculture expert who is designing Boodaville and teaching/learning all over Europe this year has confirmed that he will come and give a workshop for us!! Hooray – maybe we can ask him for an extra session too..


más música!! confirmo que Jaco.. Carpa Koi viene para tocar: Giacomo Maria aka CARPA KOI un cantautore un po’ rocker che non conosce confine di genere con forti disturbi di personalità. (es italiano..) ver su video E Poi Tu 🙂 genial!!!

Prithika Nair, sensible writer from BCNmes is coming to Boodaville Festival 2016!! here’s the aritcle she wrote after last year’s visit.

Ale Fernandez has been working on a new  exchange project It is linked to the digital currency faircoin, supported Catalan activist and legend Enric Duran and Ale will lead a talk on Friday!

Just confirming a new addition to the workshop lineup – “Edible Forests / Bosques comestibles” with permacultor  José Maria Martin

Laura Hopkins – some more info  on the Think Twice workshop:

Laura Hopkins will guide a discussion based on the Healthy Start Holidays #ThinkTwice campaign. ‘#ThinkTwice is a simple concept that can be applied to a very broad range of health and lifestyle goals. It’s simply a matter of asking ourselves if the decision we are taking in reference to what we’re buying, what we’re eating, or what we’re doing, actually aligns with our longer-term, fundamentals desires for how we want to live.’

Rik van den Bosch confirmed! Original folk and blues sounds from way back, rock rhythms and a bit of gypsy and Spanish influence thrown in. Enjoy his Furious Sessions video here

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