Boodaville Association

In celebration of the fact that I’ve finally learned how to spell the word association, we have officially formed one!

The Boodaville Association objectives are;

permaculture education via courses and the development of demonstration sites; sharing and promoting ways of living which are sustainable, resilient and respectful of the environment; and promoting fair and supportive socio-economic development. See our statutes here (in Spanish) There are currently three members of Boodaville: myself, Carlos and Alessandro. We have our registration number (CIF) and are ready to start raising funds through donations, merchandising and government grants – just as soon as we organise that 😉
If any of you do want to get involved or support Boodaville here is a selection of appealing options..

I want to organise stuff

I want to donate to the Boodaville Association

I have available funds to loan money to the project by getting Boodaville Bonds

Adios amigos


Retreats / Retiros   April 29 – May 1  // June 3 – 5 // July 1 – 3 
Workcamps / Campos de trabajoApril 16 – 23  //  May 7 – 14  //  May 14 – 21  //  June 11- 18 
Anna Gurney
The Boodaville Project  – Permaculture and Sustainability Education.


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