a week in Mallorca with Rosemary Morrow

Acabo de aterrizarme después de una semana en Mallorca en Son Barrina haciendo un curso “Permaculture Teaching Matters” con Rosemary Morrow, una persona inspiradora, con 72 años que esta 100% dedicada a compartir sus conocimientos.

At 72 years old Rosemary is a truly inspirational person, absolutely dedicated to sharing her immense knowledge of permaculture (eg developing resilience to disasters, up to date techniques on capturing energy, facts and figures to leave you in awe about our planet’s water resources) and her wisdom from many many years of teaching. The other two excellent facilitators on the course were Alfred Decker (Permamed) and Patricia Pereira (Valedalama). Alfred was brilliant as always, particularly skilled at sock puppetry (a teaching technique to discuss serious topics in a lighter way), being hilarious, and throwing in anecdotes from his own experiences as an environmental activist and it was a real pleasure to meet Patricia and share ideas about education and working with young people. In fact we were living the reality of mixed age classes on this course because we had some teenagers in the group learning with the rest of the adult group. I had great fun working with them on our group task – we planned and presented an idea for a full permaculture course (PDC) based around a survival camp, and frankly, our idea and presentation kicked ass 🙂

It is a challenge now to see how this idea can be made into a reality, where teenagers are learning what’s really important in the world, experimenting with fundamental issues like water, food production, energy and building, looking for features of sustainable efficient ways of living, and all the time thinking about how they can go on to share their knowledge. A lovely phrase from the course is the “each one teach one” philosophy where anyone who feels passionate about what they are learning is encouraged to go out and share. And as we all know… the very best way to consolidate your knowledge of a topic is to teach it!

Read more about the course; the highlights, great quotes, and what I learnt on this page.

Leer más aqui del curso y los puntos claves.



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