Getting ready for our week of learning and doing!

Estamos preparandonos para nuestra semana de aprender y hacer!

Here are some faces that you will recognise on site this week –

Alessandro Ardovini Alessandro is facilitating sessions and work and sharing ideas and techniques to.. well, turn bare earth into fertile land. (that’s the overall aim of the work we are doing!)

11949553_1038592592828341_909772870328742242_n Ondřej (sounds like Andre) on the right, is organising the site, making sure you’re all on time and eating well. And Anna, in the blue t-shirt, well i’ll be pulling the whole thing together and being a mum.

We’ve got the campsite ready, are putting a wood-burning stove in the new house, preparing some documentaries to have available for evening entertainment and checking the connections on the solar electricity system. If you’d like to join us there are still places available – more info here, please get in touch with Anna

Tenemos el camping preparado, una estufa de leña para la nueva casita, estoy buscando documentales por si a caso queremos verlos alguna noche y estoy trabajando en las conexiones del sistema solar. Ondřej (decimos algo como Andre!) viene para organizar y asegurar que comemos bien, y Alessandro para facilitar las sesiones y el trabajo. Si te gustaria venir todavía tenemos plazas – hay mas info aqui, y me puedes contactar – Anna

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