Feedback from the Restorative Retreat weekend

If you would like information about the next Restorative weekend retreat (in Spring) please email Anna –

Si quieres recibir información sobre el próximo Retiro Regenerativo (en primavera) enviar un email a Anna –

“Fue un fin de semana espectacular, me recargué de energía y volví a la ciudad más conectada conmigo y con la naturaleza.”


“I had a much needed, rejuvenating overall experience. Upon arriving and stepping out of the car I felt soothed by the noises of the insects and the scent of trees and wild plants. Anna made me feel welcome and at home by showing us around, and reminding us we can do what`s right for us to be comfortable and meet our needs. As it should be. I enjoyed the company of the small group, and also I felt I could connect with beautiful solitude. It´s amazing how medicinal a couple days of connection to nature can be. My eyes were refreshed by the greenery and lack of artificial light. I savored the sunshine and relished the total darkness, slept deeply, dreampt vividly, and felt lighter under the tapestry of stars. My brain waves shifted from constant saturation of the city to the steady calm of breath and wind. Playing in the river made me feel back at home in myself, in touch with my chidlike essence. I felt cleansed by the water, like an animal in her element. The conversations we had as a group helped remind me that we´re all in this together, dealing with the same issues of a stressful modern lifestyle, and we are all doing the best we can. It`s reassuring to know that we all share the same human struggles, the highs and the lows. For me, the yoga class by the river was a highlight, as was the morning meditation on the rocks.”

enjoying the view in the sunshine after work

“¡Me gustó muchísimo la experiencia! Encontré justamente lo que necesitaba, el silencio, la naturaleza y el “aquí y ahora”. Después del fin de semana me sentí muy cargado de energía.”

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