where are we?

Well i’m halfway between the sad news that the Applied Permaculture Design workcamp has had to be postponed until later in the year, and the great news that the festival was a huge success! i can’t say thank you enough to all the brilliant people who made it happen, you are now boodaville legends… and i hope you get yourselves back here soon.

Oceanne, Yoann, Massimo, Franny, Rob Durand! Badger, Phil, Jo, Scruff, Ondřej, Easy, Jelila, Bernat, the other Bernat, Antonio!!, Kira!, Morgan and Carlotta, Shirin, Ignacio, Lise, Marion, LIsa!, Serbal, Jennie Ball, Marta, Alice Chinn, Helena, Chuchi!, Marco, Andres, John Barass… and the list just goes on…

But especially thank you to Oceanne – there’s absolutely no way this party would have got anywhere without you, you’re amazing 🙂

Salud! Loads of love to you all xxxxxxx

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