In May we are offering a Restorative Weekend Retreat

15 04 2015

29th – 31st May 2015


Recharge and detox with a weekend in the stunning Vall Rovira, Matarranya, Spain.

This all-inclusive package offers a completely stress free weekend in a tranquil natural setting with healthy organic meals cooked for you in our outdoor kitchen. You can choose from a range of sessions including yoga, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, sketching, sustainable living and life coaching. Or you can simply read in a hammock, dip in the clear water of the River Algars, and observe the wildlife.

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Retiro de fin de semana regenerativo 29th – 31st May 2015

Recarga y detox con un fin de semana en la maravillosa Vall Rovira, Matarranya, España.

Este paquete todo incuído ofrece un completo fin de semana libre de estrés en un tranquilo paraje natural con saludables comidas orgánicas preparada para ti en nuestra cocina exterior. Puedes elegir entre una serie de sesiones como yoga, técnicas de relajación, Mindfulness, sketching, vida sostenible y life coaching. O simplemente tumbarte a leer en una hamaca, sumergirte en las aguas claras del río Algars y observar la vida pasar.

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