we did it!!

Between our amazing team (Anna, Carlos, Serbal, Alice, Grace, Bernat – and Kira) we hosted 30 people on site for 11 days during the EU funded course “Towards Sustainable Living and Self-Reliance”. We had 21 participants from Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Spain, Georgia. Our fantastic facilitators taught sessions and led practical activities on a range of themes –

Chris – Rural Water, Bioconstruction, Boodaville’s new rainwater collection and retention works. Alessandro – Introduction to Permaculture Design, Sectors and zones, Eco soap. Esti – Zone 1. Ryan – Introduction to carpentry and practical projects. Carlos and Serbal – Sustainable tourism, Socio-economic state of the world, Mindfulness, Solar Oven and Evaporation Fridge, (they also organised the intercultural activities and our magic night). Anna – Introduction to Boodaville, Observation, Coaching for change, Activism.

Also on site were our super hardworking and much loved kitchen volunteers – Marina and Susie. 

A huge huge thank you to everyone who made this happen, especially Alice and Grace in the kitchen, and to all the brilliant participants. More details of the course and what we got up to will be posted soon! Hopefully via the medium of photos

oh and more thankyous… to everyone who was on site during the last panic days of setting up before we started – Melody, Vanessa, Chris, Alice and Grace, Sandro and Esti, Bernat, Carlos and Serbal.

Here’s to alternative living and building a better world!!!



Here’s one for now

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