busy busy busy!

so busy that i haven’t had time to update the blog, and sadly haven’t even taken any photos of our work. but there will be plenty when the course starts in August!

Thank you very much to all the volunteers and visitors during our wwoofer week(s)!! We are now so close to being ready that we are just here tweeking and improving the new showers, toilets and dining area to have everything organised by the start date!

Big up to you all – Chris, Lyle, Oceanne, Mikael, Josefin, Carlos, Serbal, Jorge, Bernat, Karin, Susanne, Mirja, Bernat Badia, (Team 1) Stefania, Anabel, Vanessa, Hector, Carla, Maria, Jordi, Alejandro, (Team 2) Farah, Jon, Marina, Heiddis (Team 3) and to Joaquin Pardet, Mario and Pauli, the builders who finished the roof – apart from the earth, and to Valentin and Jose Manuel and Esther in the hardware store. What a productive couple of weeks!



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