Something scary…

en castellano
….a trade agreement giving corporations even more power, (to pollute, privatise and sue govts)  #nottip #no2isds
At Boodaville I believe that a truly sustainable existence has to be extrospective as well involving individual changes in behaviour. (more here).
But you can’t support every campaign that’s important. In February I chose the campaign because the effects of this trade agreement are terrifying (more corporate power to pollute, privatise, sue govt’s, kill bees, take away worker’s rights etc). Also there are some efficient organisations with many past successes working on this campaign. I hope i have chosen wisely and it does mean that palestine and tax havens are off my list this year, but you can’t do everything.
After a fair bit of research I’ve found what i think is the easiest and most effective way to take action and now is the moment for a BIG reaction to the closed door negotiations on the TTIP, which really might make a difference – stick up for democracy!
tell the EU consultation you are worried about this agreement  BEFORE 13th JULY, IT TAKES 2 SECONDS!
if you want to reply when you’ve done it that’d be awesome, and will motivate me to do more 🙂

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