Boodaville: The Return

version en castellano

It was a beautiful sunny day for our return after six months, and a fine day to introduce Kira to the olives, but the experience was tainted by  seeing the winter damage and then discovering i’ve been robbed. The yurt roof and half the house roof were out of place so there was some wet and mouldy clearing up to do.

It’s a shame about the fridge being taken, we’d talked about moving it somewhere safer, and then didn’t. It was the most valuable thing on site by a long way. So far the only other thing i’ve seen missing is the stove from the yurt.

There was a wave of let’s go back to the city and give up on the whole thing, but it passed quickly as we fixed the damage in a couple of hours, and the weekend has left me inspired to get back to work on the 2014 objectives for this project. On the up side, the veg patch is going in it’s own direction with some spontaneous lettuce and onions and the apple tree is still alive. if i can find a second hand fridge i should be able to replace the missing stuff for a few hundred euros. Also if you build your house out of eco/natural materials then you don’t have to feel too bad when it gets blown away and deposits itself in bits all the way up the valley…

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