local meeting of permaculture projects at Mas La Llum

Guest writer Ale Fernandez from Roig 21 in Barcelona has written a piece on the latest happenings at Boodaville, (version en castellano no disponible – perdona)

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In the middle of lots of assemblies and spreadsheets I came upon a Boodaville event/non-event where basically it was just spending the weekend with a bunch of permaculture teachers who were visiting another bioconstruction close by after giving a workshop in Mas Franch which has brought over lots of people from around the world.So we came to boodaville for a last weekend before it gets too cold for this kind of thing. All these people signed up to come and promptly flaked out and only Klaudia, Aniol and myself were left by the end of the week. Life in the city was getting too dreary and we needed a holiday. So we came up here hungover and far too late in the night. Arriving at 5.50am boodaville seemed ghostly . In typical chaotic mediterranean style, we’d arranged to leave at 3pm from Barcelona, and left in the end at 2am from Sitges.

* We’d come to visit Mas La Llum, a strawbale construction whichread more

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