a few pics and some thoughts from curly lobo

(inglesparlantes no nativos van a tener dificultades en seguir esto!!!)

I had a wonderful time misplacing your mini shoe and then removing all my livables from me curly cave so as to finally find the mini stomper shoved in the most logical of sidepockets in the tent canvas. 

I enjoyed the games thoroughly. Luckily for my overgrown tumor that I call my Ego, I was on the intelligent team with that lovely French girl named Stefani–this is the tactic of the slow witted man. If ye cannot think quickly, then be with those who can. This has always been my dunce motto of the inevitable mantra that I decry: act and then think.
The Improvisational Music workshop has made me seriously consider making Alejandro my personal mentor. Eating Noah’s home-made cookie has seriously made me consider every ant upon every hike to every river that I never arrive to as a possible subject in my kingdom: The Land of Prosperous Spontaneity–it’s interesting how one can put a leaf over a defenseless messenger ant and then grumble the mountainous tune of Mordor from thy very depths. Yes, fair ant, I have let ye live, but forever shall thee be my subject! And then quietly does the poppy gently blow against the woodland nymphs fuzzy leg . . . 
 Of such tomfoolery I believe the council of Boodaville would approve.  
Peitro a.k.a Peyoti is an incredible musician that I saw at Austin´s place already, and I must say–hot damn mama wanna lick another riff til I ain´t got no more groove to Jove to. And them DJ’s shoooooooooooo did give a two step to this here moving fool. Let me tell you. 

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thanks to charlie moore for the photos – more soon i hope!

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