fantastic work and good times with volunteers

IMG-20130505-WA0002thanks so much to ale, lia, joan, felipe, alice, jordi, jakub, sebas, mario and igansi!!! you are all welcome back any time. we’ve sorted out the drainage behind the house and they moved a shedload of gravel 🙂 plus we’ve got toilets, bathrooms and more ready for the festival.

lia is a guest writer this week who has written a beautiful reflection on the weekend – a hug to you lia!

A wonderful work share weekend at “Anna of Boodaville” place.

Besides the soothing feeling to your soul provided by helping and sharing, and  framed under the paramaters of a new movement involving Transition Towns guidelines, Permaculture developments, and Awakening movements; I was so grateful and drawn in by the natural environment and the shear fullness of people who participate helping Anna; an English born girl, with an Spanish heart; to  “get ready”,  for the ” Boodaville Festival”, that has been taking place during the last 4 years on the outskirts of Calaceite.

Little by little, rock by rock, Anna’s enthusiastic approach to have a place where she can dwell on the future and provide educational and instructional knowledge to people who are realizing that we need a different approach to life, where sustainability, diversity,  but mainly, a great love of nature thrive, in order to live more harmoniously, and recover the humanity we have lost, on this maelstrom  of  “money God world”.

 A “hurray” for Anna, and thanks all for the great time….!



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