spring cleaned and ready for the season

version en castellano

well there were just two of us in the end and the cleaning got done a week late…. but the house is done! no more mouse poo and ready to move back in for the season (spring has officially started now!) we didn’t feel that a calcotada was appropriate with a vegetarian, and one other person, so we stuck with a walnut pear gorgonzola and lentil salad, and waited until the evening to cook on the fire and our roasted stuffed red pepper recipe and it didn’t work at all badly. i wonder how many oven recipes can be successful in hot coals. a roast chicken? hmmm

i spent one of the best 99c ever on a dust mask and sweeping out the house was fine.. the only dust that got through was the very fine almond mess left by the mice. they have tucked in nicely to the huge green sack of almonds (in shells) i stored near the bed.

we also planted 20 lettuces and some strawberry plants so that by the festival they are ready to eat – the plan is to harvest and forage as many ingredients as possible!

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