it rained.

version en castellano

a brave volunteer stayed at boodaville alone in the rain while i swaned off to the relative luxury of an almost built house. when i got back to him on saturday morning he had decided not to stay until sunday “i’ve had enough of the countryside now”. Completely understandable, and thank you very very much for all the architectural advice on how to protect the house i’m building from damp.

saturday saw the arrival of a group of friends from barcelona – in the absoutely belting rain. it’s amazing how much more up fo it people are when you offer them an actual house to stay in (i was dogsitting for a friend). we had a via verde walk which was perfectly adapted to a rainy afternoon as it was mostly through pitch black tunnels. there used to be solar lights, but it seems that all the panels and electrical instalations have now been stolen.

with 1.5 euro a litre wine we sat in candlelight for dinner. i blame the lighting for the abundance of ghost and ouji board stories, but after middnight we finally got to politics and setting the world to rights then slept through the noises of rain, gushing rivers, snoring dogs and crying babies.

sunday was all about tourism taking in minor flood disasters.  the biggest waterfall in els ports – which is usually completely dry! – was raging. the bridge near arens de lledó had had the barriers knocked off the side – at their highest point the waters easily cleared it. and the local swimming spot was twice as high as normal with white water charging between trees and over the rocks.

when i saw water running down the Vall Rovira a few km’s from Boodaville i started to get worried. We went to investigate but the track was washed out just a few metres down the road. i bumped into the neighbours walking up, and looking surprisingly chirpy about the fact that their car was trapped the wrong side of the wash-out. They had spent all night in the Vall Rovira and were gettting pretty scared when tsunami like torrents came down usually dry valleys. But water is predictable, you know where it’s going to flow and no damage was done to their house, nor to the yurt and stone buildings at boodaville. For the first time ever the track across the valley floor was covered by a small stream, and the surrounding damage showed that at it’s worst point there would have been an impassible torrent. Overall the damage is light – and i hope that between the neighbours and the local council the washed out road is fixed by next week.

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