la cara buena

jo and i were trying to be helpful, but as i have previously noticed, it’s very hard to know exactly what is useful. we went up the hill to pick up rocks, then realised we were unclear about what having “a good face” really meant. after a brief second lesson (in which joaquim did not get out a pen and paper as promised) we felt more confident and went back to reassess our work.

we basically decided that appearance was the most important factor. we restacked all the piles with the buena cara facing forwards view and voila! beautiful piles….

….which will probably never be used because when joaquim came back after lunch he was pleased to announce he’d found someone selling stone a couple of kms away. we went to take a look, and it seemed that these stones had five or even six buenas caras. negotiating over the price was interesting since i don’t have even the slightest idea what a lorry of stone might cost. in the end paying 300 euros is equivalent to one days work, and judging by how long it took them to cut stone i will definitely save that in labour costs. and likely use a hell of a lot less mortar too.

so was joaquim sad about losing the opportunity to work more hours for me – preparing the “free” stone? not at all. as i mentioned in a previous post, it’s bloody hard work

that wall is going to become part of my house

in other news :

we visited the humungous masia opposite caseres – the nearest inhabitable building to me. it turns out the track that crosses the river from the water fountain is their private track (oops!), so we went to ask permission to transport the stone along it. they had green grass out front, they had a pond!!! but no running water inside – their well has dried up for the first time ever, and they have been there for generations. it was amazing to see inside, this is not a restored masia, it is one which has been maintained in immaculate condition, with beautiful original rustic furniture. better than a museum, and complete with very elderly parents under blankets on the sofa.

i found out about two english couples in the area who have permission to build campsites, at least one of them doesn’t know how to pronounce the name of the town where they are building. i checked with the council and they are the reception/security/fence type places that i investigated and decided not to do – I also discovered that the one in my district has taken four years to get persmission. (although i’m not entirely convinved that’s not because of the level of efficiency in my local town hall).  i wonder who they think is going to come and stay.

i picked up my permission to build papers!!!

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