the house is so beautiful! it’s a work of art

version en castellano

so far so good. except for the looming, huge and slightly scary barrier of money.

it fits with my socially and environmentally responsible outlook that the costs for this project are almost nothing on capital intensive materials, and huge in terms of labour costs – most of today was spent carving the corner stones, every hour costs me 30 euros. At this rate every month will cost me 1080 euros in labour. i don’t have that much money, but i’m going to try damn hard to find it.

the plan was always to complete the labour myself, or with volunteers. but after a morning trying to build a wall there is no question about the fact that physically  i’m too weak. the stones they use in the wall are so big, it’s impossible for me to place them carefully in position. and judging by the state of my compost heap fence (see photos) i’m not entirely convinced that volunteers are the best source of labour for important jobs either.

in other news:

guess how many times my car wasn’t working properly today? the answer is two. and neither seem to be related to the 1900 euros worth of work i had to pay for last week! luckily the garage have stopped charging me for small things – today they fixed a plastic cover, and investigated an electrical problem with the key. conclusion “your car won’t start, lets keep it in the garage another week”. all good practice for my post-oil existence.

the most awe-inspiring experience of the weekend  – going out for a wee at four-thirty am on thursday night. seriously! if you’ve been to visit, you can probably guess why.

it’s always the same with these night-time excursions, you lie in bed thinking “nooooo, i don’t want to go out in the dark”, you wonder if you can hold it in and just go back to sleep, then eventually you succumb to the inevitable and leave your bed.

i stepped out of the door to see the most brilliant stars i have ever seen. one of the brightest stars had shifted across the sky and was just above the tree line. i couldn’t understand how it was so bright and i just stood there in awe, enjoying the total calm of the valley. if i didn’t have to get up to work it would have been a wonderful adventure to walk up the hill and watch the sun come up on a perfectly clear morning – but i can do that next time, and there will definitely be a next time.

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