alfred was so right

(version en castellano)

he recently asked if i was sure i wanted to build in stone and not straw. i answered, as i have done many times to this question, that i’m not convinced that straw houses really last a lifetime. Also, more importantly it’s impossible to get planning permission for straw in my district.*

“it’s just that building with stone is bloody hard work” said alfred

and how right he is. the builders were sweating it out in an unbelievably superhuman way, and yesterday me and Raquel set out to do a bit of what will be the the lion’s share of the work – moving stones to exactly where they are needed and organising giant piles of rocks.

we put all those in there
we excavated all these from the mound of rubble left by the digger

OMG! I couldn’t keep working for more than an hour! so if any one of you spends time weightlifting, or has any excess stress energy that needs burning – please email me and get over here for a weekend. it’s way more beautiful than the inside of a sweaty gym!

*except a few months ago i found out that a straw house IS being built, with permission, in my district, so there’s hope!

apart from building…

afternoon tea

Raquel was here wwoofing with me and we managed a couple of swims in between work – the river is lower than ever. slightly scary.

i had a “shall i poo on that gekko?” situation. it was sitting in the compost toilet this morning. i threw in a couple of sticks and it didn’t run away. i considered poking it, but then sensibly decided that i wasn’t going that near a bucket of decomposing poo, so i just tried to aim forward. i hope i missed him.

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