barcelona to london and back by train

it took me 20 hours to travel from a rainy london back to a rainy barcelona this week. that’s what happens when you do an experimental eurostar/sleeper train combo. in theory the trip from gare du nord to austerlitz takes 20mins on a folding bicycle such as mine. but in reality, when you’ve got the debit card in front of you, and you are actually booking that exact bed, 3 hours seems like a more sensible changeover time – just in case.

overall rating of barcelona to london by train : cramped, folding your bicycle at every checkpoint on the way through the station is a pain (it will fit – can’t you just beleive me?), in the uk they were obviously super strict and insisted on me buying a 5 pound bin bag and putting the bike in that, the bed rocked around a lot, it was much more expensive than flying and you still had the x-ray machines hassle. on the plus side the staff treat you like a human rather than just barking at you with a superiority complex because they know exactly which type of plastic bag your toothpaste should be in.  and you can sit on a bar stool.


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