holiday time

version en castellano

we met some french guys in a bar near the mountains on wednesday and they told us to keep this little known paradise a secret. i find that very hard – look how beautiful it is:

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on wednesday we swam and explored a tiny crack of a canyon. i slipped šŸ˜¦ because of loose rocks not in any way due to my super sandals

on friday we hiked up the MattaraƱa river, passing waterfalls and crystal clear streams until we arrived at a huge gorge – unfortunately completely dry this summer.

living with insects

the next thing i’m going to try is a honey pot. it’s (probably not) strange how the insects arrive over a few days. the first day there’s hardly any, and on day four they are becoming a real pain.


some steps in the right direction – the builder came today and he’s eco – he wants to build with stone and mud!!! even i’m not going that far – and he is happy to charge and hourly wage to come along and do the bits that i can’t manage on my own or with volunteers – what a superstar. slightly bad timing is that this now gives me a deadline for the enormous task of collecting rocks, exactly on the day that my guests left. anyone for hard labour (interspersed with paradise)? get down here NOW!!!

i actually had time to read the paper today, and wow, spain is incredible. here’s the two most amazing things i read in EL Pais yesterday:

1) the PP will not be launching an independent enquiry into the collapse of Bankia. instead they will choose a few bankers and politicians and ask them. the outcome will definitely be that the PSOE are to blame as Bankia was formed when PSOE were in power.

2) In an article about Eurovegas (the enormous casino complex and american company want to build, either on Barcelona’s green belt or in Madrid) somone working in the anti-fraud department of the Catalan government said… i am positive about the project because it will provide long term jobs, and answering criticisms that the casino will be used for money laundering he said it doesn’t matter where the money comes from, if it’s illegal that’s the problem of the home country.

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