What is permaculture?

I’m hoping to find out the true answer to this question at the “Introduction to Permaculture Course” we are running on the last weekend of June. Come along!! email me at thegurney@gmail.com with any questions or for more info.

It seems to be about creating a sustainable low maintenence solution to a problem… by using the resources already available. Or as me and Alice from the eco bike tour spent a while discussing … it’s when you do one job which serves many functions, like filling a hole using a pile of rubble you need to get rid of anyway. or moving to a new warehouse and using the left behind shipping container to build a mezzazine floor instead of paying to remove it.  … this sounds like the kind of efficiency i like.

Here are some pictures of some of my “permaculture” experiments….. Alfred Decker can set us straight on all this when he gives the course in June!

1) instead of planting a fruit tree i’m caring for an almond tree which has grown from seed of it’s own volition
2) instead of burning the branches i’ve made a pile which will decompose slowly and hopefully stay humid underneath… although there may be pest problems with this.




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