first ones up, last ones standing…

what a totally awesome weekend it was!!!!!!! yooooopeeeee

me and charlie left the site exceptionally tidy yesterday exactly one week after the day we worked through near hurricane conditions to set it up.  photos on their way..

two things for now

1) check out how eco the party was … ALL the power used to run the soundsystem and lights was generated from renewable sources. 70% from all the pedalling and 30% from solar. the bags of rubbish collected are about 90% correctly bagged up for recycling. and the whole site was left perfectly tidy so a huge HUGE thank you to you all, and big up your brilliantness at leaving no trace

2)  Lost and Found

lost – 1 mobile phone

found – black jumper, green jumper, white top, pink scarf, white scarf, stripey jumper, blue book, many many plastic plates,

all these left clothes are in my car.

2 thoughts on “first ones up, last ones standing…

  1. Thanks so much for such an amazing, fun and inspiring weekend! Really nice to get out of the city for a bit.

  2. Think the blue book’s mine. Chris Yates – Nightwalk? If so, can you pop it in the post and I’ll happily ping you the postage and packing. Will email my address. Ta. Ben.

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