doors, tidying, planting lentils and my birthday

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don’t worry – that spider’s tiny

so, if i have time to try and plant lentils that started sprouting after bernat left them soaking a bit too long, then i guess that means i’m not as stressed about the party as last year. and that’s a very good thing. which isn’t to say i’m not working my nuts off, just that, mainly thanks to all the brilliant people who are coming early to help out, i see the light at the end of the list. ooh and sitting in the natural spa waterfall helped too…

do you like my doors? nice aquire, i’m very very chuffed about offering two free entrances to the festival in return for that.

so, thoughts on my birthday.

i’m quite old now.. eek

at the first event in 2009 the festival was a simple birthday party and on a terribly designed webpage which greg franklin loved to hate, i placed a wish list of birthday presents for me and the land. in the early stages i saw us as the same thing. it was all so exciting that multi-use tools and folding washing up basins were all i wanted.

when the house is more than a pile of concrete i’ll surely enter a new stage of craving furnishings and fancy tiles, but “the boodaville project” has now grown, into something wonderful, but also something that crosses the line from hobby into damn hard work and right now i spend all my energy and savings on rebar, steel capped boots and finding doors. so what i’m trying to say is, if was going wish for presents, i’d want things for myself- clothes, a wallet that isn’t falling apart, fancy shampoo, a 6th string for my guitar, a music mix, a pannier bag, books, dvds, fun (yet eco) things, tickets to fun places…  just saying like…

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