hooray for : spring, jacuzzis, elastic, and small town bars

when i say small town bars i mean the raconet in calaceite, a place where i can sit at the bar and read the mattaraña news and chat idly to the barman. i do not mean the “pub” in calaceite where i spent a hideous 10 minutes on saturday night with the worst kind of dance music, mario brothers painted on the wall and drunk pesado men.

i recently visited the “XXV Olive and oil” fair. there were 4 stalls with oil, a few with chacuterie and more with plastic tat, books and wallets. One of the stalls for oil was eco-mattaranya, who seem like great guys and some of their eco olives are taken from their land just ten minutes walk from my place. The other eco stall i found ecovitres, s.l. have been producing organic wine for 17 years, they must have been some of the first.

at the land i got on with clearing up some more of the mess the digger left, tying the trees to sticks with elastic Bernat conveniently found on the street on the way out of Barcelona. The place is getting slightly more tidier and prepared for the fiesta .. little by little…..

On Saturday I went into town to find a vibrator, the concrete kind, a jacuzzi, and a friend. I found all three 🙂 What a marvellous place Mora is.

the peña de barça on the evening of “el clasico”
tree elastic

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