55 places left at the boodaville festival…

thanks very much to those of you who’ve already paid the donation – it all goes towards making the party better!!! – and guarantees you entrance

to those who haven’t, please confirm your attendance ASAP… 300 people have watched the presentation and there’s only 100 spaces.


dave rybka – with a typically unpredictable schedule it seems his spanish tour is not working out as planned, he hasn’t definitely said no yet, but it’s looking unlikely. i’m working on replacements though… imagine what i could do if i had the money to offer to pay at least expenses for the musicians…. 😉

dj alfred – another change to the line-up will be the non-attendance of dj alfred. when i asked him for a soundbite, however, he sent the eurythmics, sweet dreams, so we have to wonder whether it will be a great loss. HA! take that alfred and your “better party to go to”. there will be no better party on this weekend i guarantee it.

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