guest writer this week : Curly Lobo

Curly is a writer living in Barcelona who came along for the concrete and calçotada weekend.

Curly’s Boodaville experience :

It was Joe who told me about Boodaville. I was coming into the office to hand in a contract, get more Media Kits, and to maybe get some Chinese food for lunch. My mobile was dangling out my ear, my debit card was squashed into my butt cheek. I was incarnate as one word: CONNECTED.
Boodaville put a stop to this.
Not only did I learn that mortar sucks carbon monoxide from the air around it (after it dries—or so says Anna—as a rule I ONLY work off hearsay), I also learned that anarchy is not only a theory. We were all friends, volunteering, for a common cause: lay cement for a foundation to a house that will eventually have a soil ceiling that insulates and provides growing space for rosemary. A system of volunteers without a central government.   READ MORE….

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