invitations, invitations, invitations….

version en castellano

this week i have mainly been planning. first i need a perfectly sized hole, then i need some metal, then i need to mix a shedload of concrete to fill said hole. i think i need 113 bags of cement, and i think i need about 13 cubic metres of ballast. but further calculations and youtube diy videos are required.

here are your invitations – please please respond 🙂 or at the very least check out the google calendar to see which weekends might be convenient for a country escape

1) 18th Feb – a failry chilly, yet sunny weekend. i need someone to hold the other end of the string!

2) 17-18th March “Concrete and Caloçotada!!!” I invite you to a warm place to sleep for two nights (in an appt in town) and calçots beer and wine to enjoy on sunday. In return i just need a few hours of manual labour on the saturday… we should be at a nice spring temperature by this weekend. there are 6 spaces

3) any weekend from march onwards ever thought you’d like to learn how to build a stone wall? that’s what i’ll be doing most weekends from the end of march onwards, please come, hangout, help out (a bit) and check out what we are all about at Boodaville

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