pig butchering and other fun

the digger didn’t arrive on saturday. my very first day of obras was foiled by the rain. but such is a building project.

instead me and bernat went driving to find peñaroyo, the most mountainous town of the mattaraña. we stopped in fuentespalda for a quick walk up to “la coveta de aigua”. but it was a proper cave with a locked box for hard hats, and a metal gate, also locked. i managed to drop my new smartphone the wrong side of the gate and watch it sliding down into the cave… but not out of reach of a stick. oops. it would be a shame to lose it just when i’m starting to love it – i’ve learnt how to update my blog on the bus!!!

we drove around the town, inluding up a street that kept getting smaller, to the point where we had to reverse back though some very narrow arches while a couple of locals watched on. always nice to make an impression when arriving in a new place.

peñaroyo itself didn’t inspire us to get out the car. so we went for an anna style adventure and got lost on some muddy dirt tracks while taking the back way home past the lake.

valderrobres was heaving with people. which seemed strange because it’s the mattaraña in january. The reason why was one of the freakiest town fiestas i’ve been to. they butchered a pig in the town square while people ate donuts, drank herb liquor and watched on while avoiding the pools of blood.

read more and see photos here 

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