yurt interiors are us

version en castellano

there would have been photos but i accidentally deleted them all, i blame the stress i’m suffering through changing to my new smart phone, but you’d be surprised to see how good a ripped up sheet stapled to the roof looks.

In other developments this week:

The kitchen has moved down to the bar and the space in front of the house is back to nature ready to be destroyed by a big digger.

On monday i had 6 visitors to the land – 3 architects (to put metal sticks in the ground), a digger man and his sidekick (to persuade me to take the top off this rock. in the end it will be a flat terrace so it really is the most practical solution) and the forestal. i think it’s a good idea to stay onside with the forestal, and since getting permission to cut down 7 pines took all of five minutes i think it was worth it. he spotted the fire pit and i was quick to point out that i have a licence, then after giving me a leaflet about how fire risky my place is, he said “hmmm and nothing tastes quite like meat cooked over an open fire”. so i think i’m good

he was out in my valley all day looking for an eagle. it’s tagged, but they haven’t picked up it’s sensor for a while so he came to hang out and look for it. strange kind of a job

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