version en castellano

the ajuntamiento promised again that they will have my permission to build (the shed) next thursday, i found someone to come and chop a tree down for me next saturday, and i spoke to a man about digging.  i went for the traditional approach of asking around town where he lives, then ringing the bell and interrupting his pasta lunch. at which point he said “why don’t you call me?” but then kindly offered to come round and have a look. he knew exactly where my place was, which could be seen as either worrying or reassuring depending on your mood that day.

he took one look at the hill that i want to dig into and said it would be impossible with a mini-digger. then marched off towards the toilet (“don’t find it” i was thinking) and stopped just before it. he looked down a steep wooded bank and said “the mixta could get up there”. i was horrified at first, but really, he knows better than me what is, and isn’t possible. i explained i didn’t like destroying trees and he said he could drive around the olives. i said i was worried about making a big mess and he showed me where he would throw the dirt behind a large oak. in the end i figured that since only 3 more trees will be taken down, that a path up from that terrace wouldn’t be a bad thing, and that my original plan was impossible, it’s probably the best option. i’ll call him in a couple of weeks. i think the destruction he causes might make me cry, but it’s all for the greater good right?

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