storm damage

the yurt two weeks ago

version en castellano

the yurt yesterday

in the uk there were hurricanes, on the spanish coast there were weather warnings and trees down, in the yurt there were maurice and natalie.

the weather forecast looked great from the diagrams and temperatures, but somehow, as i sent them off to arrive in darkness without a car, for their january holiday at the land, we missed that key part of the forecast that gives the wind speed. they arrived and were actually trying to sleep in the yurt when the roof got ripped off! natalie said she could hardly keep her feet on the ground as they abandoned ship and took their bags up to the house at 3am.

two weeks ago i had a nagging feeling that, after spending 150 euros and a day of my time on sheep’s wool insulation, i should put up more guy ropes. that insulation is now spread around the hills. the giant tarpaulin ended up in a tree halfway up a mountain, hooray to natalie for rescuing it. the most astonishing thing though – the sofa got flipped on end, and that is a heavy sofa.

i like to focus on what stayed up. you’ll see from the pictures that the wall built from adobe bricks collapsed, but that the wall which is just mud on mud has survived. and the super natural thatching effort on the roof of my tiny shed (grass, mud, linseed oil and nothing else) half survived. if i’d though to put chicken wire over it earlier i think it would have been fine.

the forecast wasn’t lying about the temperatures though and over an extremely mild and sunny few days the damage has mostly been fixed

have sheep been grazing behind the yurt? no, that's my insulation in the bushes
my three hour thatch job didn't come off too badly. notice it folded back rather than fell apart
john's xmas tree planted. fits right in i think

One thought on “storm damage

  1. Asi es la naturaleza, incomprensible, pero yo encantada de colaborar con lo que necesites, me encanta este trabajo y agradezco por permitirme ser parte de tu proyecto. Gracias.

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