green confessions…. (or ANDORRA is DESTROYING ITSELF!!)

this christmas time i                                   castellano aquí

– flew to the uk but it was with easyjet who’s offsetting scheme only funds UN approved projects, and the flights were full.
– drove many km’s to visit friends and family in a car on my own but it was a really good wedding and my nieces won’t be babies much longer
– ahem.. went skiing. let’s break that one down:

andorra is one huge tax haven which has negative effects on just about everything, good old nick clegg agrees with me on that one

the whole country exists to encourage shopping for stuff we don’t need and they still haven’t banned smoking – gross (i like to say that’s because it’s a tiny country ruled by big businesses and one place the tobacco industry still have a say)

grandvalira resort has the cheek to put posters saying “BE GREEN – in grandvalira we adopt water saving measures” next to a tap that you have to turn down because the water gushes out too fast.

i ate in a mountain restaurant with disposable EVERYTHING including bowls, plates, and packets of plastic cutlery where every single customer has to take a knife, fork and spoon pack then just throw away the spoon if they don’t use it. and they don’t recycle either.

people use andorra trips as an excuse to drive 4×4’s (aggresively) all the time

snow canons waste water and often contain chemicals which get thrown onto the mountain too

wildlife and trees are ousted as people like me flock to the mountains

entire villages of “second homes” can be found around the place

i ate far too much meat

the uninsulated terrace restaurants had up to three gas heaters, many the old style which are banned in the UK


these guys are selling recycled ski clothes

someone wrote this guide to sustainable skiing

it’s not as bad as going there to drive around on a snowbike

and.. erm.. no there’s nothing else. skiing is an all time bad for the planet activity which i, unfortunately, LOVE. there must be more eco places to do it than andorra though.

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