chicas and chainsaws

do you like mel’s safety gear? those trousers are made of metal.

starting the chainsaw took us about an hour, you really have to give it some welly. but then we took down two dead trees – an almond and an olive. the first trees i’ve ever chopped down – we did the wedge in one side and everything 🙂

apart from getting winter wood, i did very little this weekend. the temperatures are still ridiculously warm for november. there was some wine, some napping, a freaky dream about Mel’s dog having human hands and burying its head in a bucket of pee.

My important job was picking up an official paper certifying that i am now a farmer, and as usual i tidied up and inspected growing things….

mel's greenhouse out of sticks and old bottles - a great idea that i'll be copying
the parsley seeds have sprouted, i planted them where they'll get loads of water off the yurt and it seems to be working
i haven't planted any onions for 6 months, so these fellas are doing well. good luck to them

2 thoughts on “chicas and chainsaws

  1. and what’s the spanish for ‘oo-arr’? you’ll be needing that now you’re a farmer ‘n all…

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