ooh i could crush an egg

we started the anniversary weekend with a vague plan to make some hula hoops and have a bonfire. the weather forecast was grim, and we were just 4 people because a car full of people dropped out.

at this point, to be perfectly honest, even i was wondering what we were actually going to do all weekend but during the journey ideas were flowing and included going to the new restaurant in caseres, exploring arens de lledó and trying to get a fire permit, a horseriding tour, trying to crush eggs longways in an attempt to prove the amazing strength of dome structures, cooking sweet potatoes and chestnuts, and buying a huge tarpaulin and trying to make a marquee type structure so there was a dry space for hula hooping. our visit to Bot with vinegar drinking and a museum of rural life was just an unexpected bonus.

Restaurant Ca La Guária in Caseres was an interesting experience, they were totally spun out by a non-fish eating vegetarian, but i thought the lamb was lovely and it’s pretty exciting to have a proper attempt at fine dining within 2 km of boodaville (click the web to see how fancy they are)

a perfectly built bonfire. which is still with me when i get in my olive smoked car, and was still with my clothes after they came out of the washing machine.
my mobile does panoramas! can you see the top friday nightlife in the arens de lledó bar?
hula hoop hunting at the hardware store. we never actually made the hoops. we didn't make the horseriding tour either - too windy. don't ask ryan and susie about the wind, they were sleeping in the yurt and you have to have a lot of faith that it's strong enough to survive a big gust if you want to relax enough to get to sleep.
is this funny? such bad luck to get his little head wedged right in there. it was the others who wanted to document it and put it on the blog not me eh.
Bot tourism. i mean a place called bot is entertaining enough in itself... even without such a beautiful fountain right?
we were well impressed by the wine tasting though, this is the place with the famously good white "Avus" and the vinegar was delicious, even if we were drinking it from a wine glass.

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