competition number 2

prize : you get to choose a song at the boodaville festival 2012 and have it dedicated to you specially by one of our *ahem* famous djs

rules : leave a comment with your entry and either the most amusing or the most correct answer wins. i decide. deadline : xmas

can you see the stick thing with an attempt to superglue a plastic bowl to the end? what the hell is that?

oh, and the winner of the first competition was Rob Durand. congratulations on your tray of beer at next years festival. i will remember this i promise 🙂

2 thoughts on “competition number 2

  1. You killed a giant anteater and cut off it’s nose. Why? Because it was trying to steal your morning porridge! Note how rigur mortis set in with the tongue still licking the bowl!

  2. It’s a tool to use to get rainwater off canopies – you stand under the canopy and push the stick up so that the water comes off. The bowl is to stop the stick breaking the canopy.


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