i gave the yurt a fringe

my what an attractive hairstyle

versión en castellano

it's made of grass, you may be wondering why i did this....read on

most of the jobs i do involve mud. some of them with the addition of powdered milk and oil. but all until now have been well thought out. yesterday, after an experimental irrigation system using the folds of the yurt cover to direct water towards some parsley seeds, i had some spare mud. it looked like it was going to rain so i quickly decided to fringe over the dodgy join between the yurt and the porch roof. i didn’t have enough mud, or grass and it was getting dark so i’m not expecting it to last long or work.

the fruits of my orchard (well the tomato element)

on arrival i harvested the two tomatoes which were the only alive thing in a sad looking veg patch. there hadn’t been more than a few drops of rain since may !! until this afternoon when the grey clouds finally gave in. it’s highly probable i won’t be able to get a fire permit in time for the bonfire party – town hall are (rightly) very cautious about fire when the hills are so crispy.

outdoor living - one should always leave buckets upsidedown (especially ones you wash your face in)
the ghost house

i didn’t make that name up – 5 minutes down the track from me is “Mas del Fantasma”. Mel and i went exploring after sunday lunch and found the door open and evidence of, not very recent, activity in the old mas –  including an electric lightbulb. but the thing that made me really jump was looking up to see a hunter standing about 100m away from us when we came out. i squealed a little bit, i’m sure he loved it and i guess he proved his stealth. it was just surprising to see another human being in the valley.

then sunday night – and i know none of you arts weekenders will believe me – i cooked dinner wearing a t-shirt. that’s too warm for this time of year, i guess when the clouds came in they trapped the day’s heat.

another strange countryside phenomenon: i’ve been inspecting the olive trees and while some have barely the tiniest little pip of an olive, three trees – the one nearest the yurt, the one by the hammocks and another – are loaded down with big black fruits. how can it be so different from tree to tree? is it affected in any way by where partygoers decided to wee?

2 thoughts on “i gave the yurt a fringe

    1. or maybe he can go bald after the first wisp of wind…
      (no to be fair there was a lot of wind)

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