64 empanadas later

yoopee, i’m pleased to announce that the eco-living and performing arts weekend is fully booked up. we will be a perfectly formed group of 11 , i can already tell you the empanadas are delicious and my bags of goodies are packed ready to host everyone.

the money thing always comes and bites you on the ass – i think i can cover the weekend’s expenses with the amount i’ve suggested to each guest – but since my plan was not to spend time budgeting and just see how it works out… i’ll have to wait till afterwards to  see if i break even.  a lot of the food is organic, or well farmed and local, the bread will be 70% from eva in calaceite, and the rest from my local patisserie here in bcn. i tried to avoid supermarkets and in all i think i spent 40 euros in bon preu and .. eek.. dia. ironically i had to go to bon preu to get fair trade coffee and sugar.

kitchen utensils – much as i tried to get second hand (3 jars), good quality from local shops (droley coffee maker, wooden things, scissors) i ended up in the local chinese cheap shop for about 20 euros worth of stuff. i just wasn’t ready to pay 10 euros for a chopping board. sorry

you want to hear the gross stuff??

in the second hand shop i was looking at a large coffee maker, and actually in the queue to buy it, when i took it completely apart and in the bottom where the water goes there were white bulbous growths all over the inside. i nearly retched eeeeewwwwww. then after i put it back a guy came over with it to buy it, i pointed to the bottom with an eeeww face, while trying not to let the shop assistant see. he bought it anyway.

oh and just for your info i now have 4 buckets of shit lined up slowly decomposing into compost— “4 white buckets sitting on the hillside.. if one white bucket should accidently…”

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