problem solving

so we found a common enemy. we will all blame carla, the lady who worked at the main district office for a few months covering a maternity leave. she only approved one of the two buildings, and also classified it as the wrong type of tourist accomodation.

who knows if it really is all her fault, but since my idea to have tourists and myself living on the same piece of land yet in different buildings doesn’t tick any of their boxes describing how country hotels should be, i am now going to live in a shed. no, hang on, i didn’t say that. i am not going to live in a shed, i am going to build one – to make sure i use all the square metres the current law allows me – then sleep in it occasinally and apply for a “change of use” in many years time to convert it to a home. this means the two buildings will be

1) a building for rural tourism/living in

2) an agricultural shed built on the ruins of the original building.

but get this… not only is it much quicker to apply for permission to build a shed, but the valderrobres planning office can give me the permission to build so i avoid any of these ridiculous three month waits. AND i can put a green roof on the shed. AND – get this – i have to become a farmer. that means i am allowed to build an agricultural building. i’m going to go and look at how to register with the local cooperative now

on the downside— we are literally back to the drawing board for two weeks

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