How long would it take all the spanish civil servants in the world to change a light bulb?

They would never manage to do it because they are the most useless and lazy beings on the planet.

Here’s the story of my plans so far….

The architects worked very hard to prepare some excellent diagrams and plans and had them ready in May 2010. Civil servant 1 had to put 4 pieces of paper in with the plans and send them to the planning office in Teruel. One of these papers involved him typing something. Not only did he fail to put in the necessary papers but the whole project took three months to arrive at the Teruel office.

In Teruel another civil servant opened the project saw the papers were missing and sent back a letter asking for more documents. Unfortunately he also was unable to request the correct documents, so after hassling civil servant 1 to do the correction and repeating the three month wait for him to send it to Teruel again the project application was still not complete.

A year into the process and we received a second letter from Teruel saying we still had not included the correct documents. This time an architect who works part-time for the council checked our project and helped us get the actual correct documents sent.

By some miracle we only had to wait two months for a reply this time (lets assume that was because everything was correct so the civil servant passed the envelope on to his superior instead of doing something complicated like replying). So in June 2011 someone finally opened the dossier and looked at the plans. At which point they immediately found that there were several things which didn’t comply with a law passed in April 2011 and sent it back “unapproved”. It didn’t even get registered as an application for planning permission for 18 months because of those damn lazy fools and since then the law has changed.

fecking marvelous

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