team hoopla

congratulations to saskia and marcel who were the first couchsurfers to actually arrive at the land, and to me who managed to drive all the way to Mora without using the brakes to pick up our other guests steven, susie and ryan. (one day i will learn to change my brake pads before they wear out and start ripping up the discs).

our first stop was the river where there was whooping, jumping, nakedness and some free fish therapy (not on the naked bits). Predictably we got back just after dark to put up tents and cook our huge veggie dinner. It hasn’t rained at the land for ages – the track is turning to dust – so when the bbq decided to have it’s own mini firework display i was surprised and pleased that it didn’t start a forest fire.

at dinner we realised that i’d actually met ryan before – at the nowhere festival – and it turns out his job is making very beautiful eco furniture out of reclaimed materials after dinner susie gave us hula hoop classes down at the bar, the moon was just coming up and gave enough light to see one anothers’ flailing arms. susie you are welcome back any time to give workshops on hooping and making hoops.

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quote of the weekend: ryan on sleeping outside “the moon was so bright, i kept waking up thinking ‘damn would someone switch off the light in this room'”  and the LED hoop in the tree didn’t help his confusion when it randomly switched itself on from time to time.

sunday was windy so a great day for walking up some hills. not a great day for playing frisbee on top of them, but we didn’t lose it.

second favorite quote: guy in the bar at caseres after being asked if the bus was likely to be on time “well sometimes it comes and sometimes it doesn’t”. it did.

and right now i am back in barcelona absolutely gutted about the letter i just received from urbanismo saying they have denied my planning permission. i’ve actually only just stopped crying. has it really taken them a year to notice that there is a “cubierta plana” (flat roof) on the plans? could they not have made the criticism about that last time they got back to me? or maybe even after the first time they read the plans while they had them from easter to october 2010?

i have no clue what happens now about this. hopefully the architect does.

One thought on “team hoopla

  1. Hey Anna, thanks very much for inviting Saskia and me to Boodavilla. We have just returned from our Spain and Portugal trip and being at your place was one of the absolute highlites of our journey. I had lots of fun swimming, hiking and all the other stuff. Keep up the good work and I wish you lots of succes with your struggle with Spanish authorities.


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