it was all about the tarpaulin this weekend

i started friday sweating in barcelona and finished it with cold feet in a sleeping bag in a ger. i prefer the ger. especially when i cosied up with an extra duvet  zzzzz

saturday was absolutely the last time i’m getting sucked into thinking the “feria” at Valderrobres might be any good. if you want luminous pink bracelets made of telephone cable, or shoes for old people then it’s fine, otherwise it’s rated as slightly less entertaining than spending a rainy afternoon sheltering at boodaville.

on the bright side “falgas“, the hardware store that sells everything, was open. i lost gary in their maze of rooms, the shop assistant took me down and up then out onto the street to a shed next door where he opened up a room dedicated to plastic objects, such as tarpaulin. it comes in camouflage green these days and at only 6 euro for each 3×4 sheet it is now being employed at the land to hide…. well pretty much everything. thus leaving me officially tidied up from the party. it only took me 3 months. (that doesn’t include handfuls of cigarette butts that are still out there and the second toilet – which someone said was left in a rank state. i’m hoping that whatever was disgusing then will be infinitely better a few months later.  it’s on the list)

nature sightings : 1) on a little hike down to the river near Valderobres we met a snake in our path. he was more scared than us because he had just over half a mouse hanging out of his jaws. i don’t think he could have moved if he wanted too, but we instinctively stood back, then went the long way round 2) badgers trying to run fast, in the dark down the track . i didn’t know badgers hung out in my valley

this weeks new activity :  snorkelling in the Rio Algars. yes, it is quite green, but you can see where you are going and explore under the rocks then scare yourself when you see an old tree trunk, or your own hair.

gary wants me to also inform you that he saw a brown mouse which scurried. and he entertained himself with his own joke “what looks like wood and smells like wood? wood”. can someone else come with me next weekend please?

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