4560 kilometres later…

..and i’m back at the land where the vegetable garden is looking crispy and not very alive. 25 days without watering was pushing it a bit

i’ve had some great adventures though, the most exciting of which was supporting a london to paris cycle ride raising money for Awamu – an organisation started by a friend. They are helping women in Uganda reach UK  markets with beautiful clothes and toys they make, and directly supporting children who are denied their basic human rights because of poverty and AIDS  in their communities. Do i sound like i’m asking for donations?  If not for the African babies, then do it to sponsor Kerry :

(she’s the collapsed one). i’m thinking of making myself a badge saying “i cycled halfway to paris” (the other half i was driving the support vehicle) because, frankly, it was way way harder than i thought it would be. After four hours in the peeing rain on day 2, I wasn’t even going to contemplate getting back on the bike again after lunch

next year we might have a go at Boodaville to Barcelona…..

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