gardening for change

let’s plant some seeds          (article published in bcnmes july 2011 – anna gurney)

I swing wildly between months where it seems the world and everything in it is falling apart, and months like May 2011 where it seems that things are strangely coming together.  No, I’m not talking about Argentinian ball control, a multi-million euro field game or even Shakira’s very very tight trousers. I’m talking about the mind-blowing minutes of my life I spent sitting on someone’s shoulders in a sea of pink disco lights and the wild waving arms of 40,000 Pulp fans. Jarvis had just dedicated Common People to the indignats in Plaça Catalunya, Gil Scott-Heron had just left us with his legacy “the revolution will not be televised” and right there it felt like it was all about to happen. My over-excitment is rooted in a far more profound series of events: Starting on the 15th May, peaceful “yes we camp” protesters took over Plaça Catalunya. Their numbers swelled to the point of inspiring thousands to wake up to the idea that we live in a false democracy where governments pander to big business and their own special interests rather than what is best for people and planet. Despite the fact that we all then saw them being battered by the Mossos on Friday morning, it still feels like people are moving in the same direction, community action is the answer to many important political and environmental problems. Here are three more sources for that optimism.

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