the big clear up

well that’s a bit of an exageration – the site looked great and apart from taking the rubbish to the bins i just had to tidy things. unfortunately i hate tidying. but my progress was massively accelerated when i nominated a table for “things i don’t know what to do with” until that point i got stuck and wandered around confused with mixing bowls or square plates i had never seen before.

overall i think i’m up plates and buckets, but down a pan, and none of the lost property enquired about has turned up sorry.

friday i had a meeting with the local council which involved Juan swearing about the stupid criticisms which the county coucil have made about the plans, and then ordering people to re-write the report with “passed” in bold capital letters so that the sub-normales civil servants can read it. it was a bit hectic and i find it hard to believe that my whole project depends on putting the accents in the correct places (we had to re-do one document because of ortographic errors) pero así es

during my recovery beers in valderrobres i was offered snails by a group of merry locals, when the youngest lad said “i know where your masia is” i found myself studying his face to try and work out whether he had, in fact, been hanging off a pick-up truck at my party two weeks previously….. but there is no way i will ever recognise those guys. am i going to be in this situation every time i see a young man in a stripey top?  yes. so i just laugh politely and hope i don’t offend anyone

i saw one other human being in the 36 hours after i got back 🙂

then just to make sure people know i’m serious i went from barcelona all the way back to arens town hall to give the papers in person to a different, but also called Juan, civil servant. The question was will it take 3 months again for these documents to arrive in the county council office? “i think the queue is about one month” was the answer. yer right, lets see if anything gets done before august shut down. it won’t.

JULY ADVENTURE HOLIDAYprovisional dates for a hiking/canyoning/river swimming small group holiday are July 12th- 15th  let me know ASAP if you are interested, more details to come soon……

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