back to reality

i think i finally recovered from boodaville, the hard partying in barcelona and the brilliant family time in the UK and it’s lucky i did that before i got the call from my architect saying that due to a horrible twist in the spanish bureaucratic jungle it appears that in the 13 months since we sent the plans off we have achieved the following: plans arrived in Teruel where someone said “no, we don’t approve them any more, we changed it and you need to send them to the Valderobres office”

the only thing saving me is that due to the awesome infrastructure created for boodaville i can get the tourism side of things underway without the building, and i’m still working on the logo and leaflet which will be coming your way soon

oh, did you want a picture? here’s me and my new baby niece. i haven’t actually been to the land for three weeks

anna and annabelle

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